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101 Ways to Make Everybodys Day Weirder
1979 Sears and Roebuck Catalog
23 Things to Amuse Yourself While You Wait
A Discordian Wedding
Application for Discordian Society Membership
Bavarian Illuminati Letterhead
Church of Elvis Demands Equal Time
Death by Laughter
Die Drei Eristischen Offenbarungen
Discordians Stick Apart
Ecclesiastical Proclamation
First United Church of Kalisti - Ethics
First United Church of Kalisti - Introduction
First United Church of Kalisti - Organization
First United Church of Kalisti - Sermon 001
First United Church of Kalisti - Tenets
Free Street Flyer
Hoax Magazine Interview With Ken Campbell
How to Know if You are a Robot
Joining the Discordian Society
Letter to the Cabbages
Liber Woof
Making Misery Magickal
Notice of Compulsory Illumination
One True God Application Form
Partnership Agreement of the Black Iron Prison Investment
Pope Card
Sermon on the Clown
Something I Eight?
Special Offer by F.U.C.H.U.
Swine Flu
The Anathema of Stos
The Art of Being Right
The Hunting of the Fnord!
The Main Way
The Principles of Discordian Magick
The Turkey Curse
There is No Discordian Society
Will the Real Loki Please Stand up?
Your Guide to Joining a Fractal Cult